Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

Palm Beach Chapter

Palm Beach Chapter


The Palm Beach Chapter is a local chapter of the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society (FSMS). Its mission is to aid and assist in carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Constitution and for operation of said Palm Beach Chapter.

The Palm Beach Chapter works to achieve a better profession, community, and to establish professionalism among our peers. The chapter provides programs and presentations of interest to the general membership on a routine basis. The chapter also hosts events throughout the year to create an environment of business and social networking.

The Palm Beach Chapter supports Florida Atlantic University (FAU) by working closely with faculty and staff. FAU seeks the opinion and direction of the working professionals by meeting with the Professional Advisory Council which comprises of mostly FSMS members.

Twice a year, the Palm Beach Chapter awards the Carl Miller Memorial Scholarship to student(s) of the FAU's Geomatics Engineering program.

Mission Statement

To promote, enhance and preserve the surveying and mapping profession through public awareness, education efforts, advocacy for the profession and legislative action.

Vision Statement

To be the national leader in development of education programs, public/professional outreach and development of governmental policies for the Geospatial Community.

Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

An Affiliate of the National Society of Professional Surveyors