Carl Miller Memorial Scholarship


Fall deadline is October 1st
Spring deadline is to February 1st

Dollar amounts to be awarded are determined by the PBC Board at the annual budget review each year.

Carl Miller Memorial Scholarship Winners

2013 Spring - Theresa McEndarfer

2013 Fall - Dylan O'Berry

2014 Spring - Paul Keays

2015 Spring - Paige Rogolino

2015 Fall - Christy Sheehan

2016 Spring - Paige Rogolino & Brandy Brown

2016 Fall - Brandy Brown & Jason Blankenship

​2018 Spring - Gerardo Rojas

2018 Fall - Tucker Hindle

FSMS Scholarship Fund Inc.
Can be submitted at any time. Awards are determined at each quarterly board meeting.

Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

Palm Beach Chapter

FSMS Political Action Committee (FSM PAC)

Help support the efforts of FSMS when attempting to hold our ground in the Legislative Sessions